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PANGLABAN - /pung-la-bun/


Literally means “for fighting” in Filipino. This style of MMA was founded by Alexander Ferrer in 1994. 


What is Panglaban? It is our style of MMA. A modern, progressive, combat discipline that teaches the four fighting ranges: kicking, punching, clinching, and grappling.


It's a challenging yet exhilarating martial art that also implements Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) with Kali. 

DRAGON’S DEN PANGLABAN MARTIAL ARTS is a club ahead of its time. We are a true Mixed Martial Arts facility. We have been in practice before MMA became extremely popular.

We are one of the original clubs that started MMA in Winnipeg, ahead of other clubs who are now only jumping on the MMA bandwagon. 



® Panglaban


For most of our classes, the style of Panglaban, which is a combination of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and grappling, is what will be taught to you. Also incorporated is mixed martial arts (MMA) conditioning and strength training. The circuit training style conditioning is designed to elevate the student’s fitness level keeping the cardio up while strengthening certain muscle groups. Over time, this will increase and improve a person’s endurance. Your experience at Dragon’s Den Panglaban will have you finish your class with the basic foundation of PANGLABAN MMA. How much more you want to learn, is up to you.


The Men’s MMA class is designed to teach you how to combine and apply the standard techniques of PANGLABAN. We accommodate all levels of commitment from those wanting fitness and those who aspire to compete.


Students are given pad drills, partner drills, and bag work. The class covers the full spectrum of MMA training - MMA Conditioning (circuit training) and MMA skills. Those who have had sufficient training can participate in light sparring.


Students can get a feel for varying fighting styles, body types, and levels of experience.


The Women’s MMA class is designed for two types of women: those who want fitness and technique and those who want to fight. We accommodate both levels of commitment.


Students are coached on keeping up endurance while maintaining proper technique during the entire class. 


This class will give you a great experience no matter what your fitness level. Each class does involve a lesson on the next movement/skill level, which involves a demonstration and a practice progression of the movement/skill.


The class covers the full spectrum of MMA training – MMA Conditioning (circuit training) and MMA skills, and for those who are ready, sparring.


The Advanced/Fighter’s Class is for members whose interest is to step inside the cage and for those who want to improve their skills quickly.

In order for one to qualify for this class, the member must first obtain their White Belt 1st Stripe, which can take up to a minimum of six months or more. The class involves advance techniques, high intensity conditioning training and MMA sparring.

All fighters for this class are required to have the following:

• Dragon’s Den Panglaban T-shirt

• hand wraps

• mouth guard

• groin protector

• shin pads

• 16 oz boxing gloves

• 8 oz MMA sparring training gloves


* These must be brought to every class *

® Panglaban
® Panglaban
® Panglaban


We provide a complete fitness regimen for our members. We know that a proper strength and conditioning program is essential for our members who want to reduce their risk of injury and enhance their performance.

Our goal is to provide you with a program that is safe, efficient, and compatible with your physical needs and incorporate that with our MMA training. Our Strength & Conditioning program is about more than just lifting weights -- it encompasses the entire development of our members and what is needed to improve physical performance. This includes plyometrics, speed and agility, endurance, core stability, HIIT, with strength training being just one piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Commitment, hard work & discipline combined with proper Nutrition, which we also provide, is a recipe to reach and maintain your full physical potential.


Filipino martial artists are noted for their ability to fight with weapons or empty hands interchangeably and their ability to turn ordinary household items into lethal weapons. 

PANGLABAN Kali is the art form of Panglaban and Kali combined. 

What separates Filipino Martial Arts from other weapon-based martial arts like Japanese, European fencing and traditional Chinese Martial arts is that FMA teaches weapon use that is practical today: how to use and deal with weapons that one can actually encounter in the streets and how to turn ordinary items into improvised weapons. No one walks around with saber, katanas or jians anymore, but knives, machetes and clubs are still among commonly encountered weapons on the street and in the field, thus making FMA very practical and geared towards military and street fighting.

® Panglaban
® Panglaban
® Panglaban


"I have surpassed all the general fitness goals I had originally set, I wanted to get into shape and have the energy to enjoy daily life and activities. For now, I want to further improve my overall fitness to an "athlete" level which includes weight loss. and as well to improve my grappling skills further. Perhaps one day participate in a grappling tournament"


March 15, 2015

"Sparring is my favourite drill. Whether it's Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or MMA, I love being able to learn how to apply the skills I've learned. I find that I am very self motivated, I enjoy working hard because I know I'm always improving. My biggest goal left is to get into professional competition in MMA."


March 8, 2015

"Both of my kids started going to Dragon’s Den this summer and they love it. Alex is a really patient and knowledgeable instructor and has taught them a lot over these past 6 months. I have noticed that they both seem more confident and the smile that comes to their faces when the techniques they have been drilling start working consistently makes me proud of what they have accomplished in such a short period of time."


December 14, 2018

"The Den is addicting! It’s a great kind of addiction!! I love learning new techniques, sparring, self defense and pushing yourself past your limit."


May 30, 2018



® Panglaban


1301 Admiral Ave

Winnipeg, MB 

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